where did you go when i needed you most song

[12] In 2002, it was re-released on non-American versions of the band's "best of" collection, Nirvana. Due to the popularity of Lead Belly's versions, he is often erroneously cited as the song's author, such as by Kurt Cobain, who introduced Nirvana's 1993 MTV Unplugged rendition as being by his "favorite performer," then telling an anecdote about attempting to purchase Lead Belly's guitar. Im looking for a song I heared once however I cant remember any of the lyrics but I do remember what the song was about. Another familiar version was recorded for Moses Asch, founder of Folkways Records, in New York City. The pulse of what's trending on YouTube. "You Needed Me" is a song written by Randy Goodrum, who describes it as being about "unconditional undeserved love". In a 2009 MTV article, Kurt Loder remembers discussing the song's title with Cobain, with Cobain insisting, "But the Leadbelly version is called 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night,'" and Loder preferring the "In the Pines" title used by Bill Monroe (as well as Lead Belly).[11]. "You Needed Me" was covered by Irish boy band Boyzone in 1999. It was released as the second single from their album By Request. Great vocal control and subtlety, it's almost as good as Leadbelly's. Traditionally, the most basic wedding ceremony music program involves a minimum of three types of songs: preludes, processionals and recessionals. [9] As well as rearrangement of the three frequent elements, the person who goes into the pines, or who is decapitated, is described as a man, woman, adolescent, husband, wife, or parent, while the pines can be seen as representing sexuality, death, or loneliness. The other trend was just doing a full-body jam. Five Good Covers: In The Pines (Where Did You Sleep Last Night), "The Four Pennies – Music Biography, Credits and Discography", "The Haunting Power of 'In The Pines': The song has a rich musical and social history that predates Kurt Cobain and Nirvana", "The Four Pennies – Discover music, videos, concerts, stats, & pictures at", "Nirvana's Tense, Brilliant Unplugged in New York, 20 Years Later", "Three Feet From God: An Oral History of Nirvana 'Unplugged, "Top AFP - Audiogest - Top 3000 Singles + EPs Digitais", "Turn Off the Fear - Carl Rutherford - Releases", "Laura Gibson - La Grande b/w In the Pines", Breakfast at Tiffany's: Music from the Motion Picture, Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle, Experiencing Nirvana: Grunge in Europe, 1989, Smells Like Bleach: A Punk Tribute to Nirvana, Nirvana – A Classic Album Under Review – In Utero, History of the Appalachian people in Baltimore, History of the Appalachian people in Chicago, Social and economic stratification in Appalachia, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=In_the_Pines&oldid=993282256, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. from one version is, "From a man in the mines/Who sleeps in the pines. [citation needed] He recorded it at least three times, from the 1940s onward. You just need to go to the Music section of the Play Store and type ‘free music’ in the search box; this will list the music in different sections: Songs, Artists, and Albums. Here Lyrics: I guess right now you've got the last laugh / I'm sorry if I seem uninterested / Or I'm not listenin' or I'm indifferent / Truly I ain't got no business here / But since my friends The song, included on her 1978 album Let's Keep It That Way, was also a top-five country single and won Song of the Year at the Academy of Country Music awards, and is her most successful single in the United Kingdom, where it made the top 30. Kendrick Lamar: 15: Congratulations Post Malone: 16: Hurricane Luke Combs: 17: Human Rag’n’Bone Man: 18: The Fighter Keith Urban: 19: Rockabye (feat. The work, arranged by Ferde Grofé (composer of the Grand Canyon Suite) for either symphony orchestra or jazz band, is perhaps the most-performed and most-recorded orchestral composition of the 20th century. However, as Eric Weisbard writes in a 1994 article in The New York Times, "...the enigmatic train is almost as frightening, suggesting an eternal passage: 'I asked my captain for the time of day/He said he throwed his watch away.'"[7]. This version was originally sanctioned to be released, under the title "Where Did You Sleep Last Night (In the Pines)," as a b-side to the band's "Pennyroyal Tea" single in 1994, but the single was cancelled following Cobain's death in April 1994. Baby Love Lyrics: Ooh baby love, my baby love / I need you, oh how I need you / But all you do is treat me bad / Break my heart and leave me sad / Tell me, what did I do wrong / To make you stay [5][6], Like numerous other folk songs, "In the Pines" was passed on from one generation and locale to the next by word of mouth. If you still see an ineligible icon next to a song , then that song can’t be uploaded. As music historian Norm Cohen pointed out in his 1981 book, Long Steel Rail: The Railroad in American Folksong, the song came to consist of three frequent elements: a chorus about "in the pines", a verse about "the longest train" and a verse about a decapitation, but not all elements are present in all versions. A simple search like “it doesn’t even matter” on Google will give you the correct band, Linkin Park and the correct song title, In the End. The Four Pennies recorded and released the song as "Black Girl" in October 1964. Lose You Lyrics: I don't care what society thinks. "In the Pines", converted into the Cajun French language and sung under the titles "Pine Grove Blues" or "Ma Negresse", became one of the landmark songs of Cajun music. In 1925, a version of the song was recorded onto phonograph cylinder by a folk collector. While early renditions which mention the head in the "driver's wheel" make clear that the decapitation was caused by the train, some later versions would omit the reference to the train and reattribute the cause. Listed as "Where Did You Sleep Last Night", this version appears on a number of Lead Belly "best-of" compilations, such as Absolutely the Best (2000). She hides from this by sleeping in the pines, in the cold. Out there you just have to fit into a pattern that somebody's already laid out for you… "[15] The show's producer, Alex Coletti, recalled Cobain declining his suggestion to perform an encore after "Where Did You Sleep Last Night," which was the final song of the set, telling him that “I don’t think we can top the last song," at which point Coletti relented. Murray is quoted in The Billboard Book of Number One Hits by Fred Bronson as saying she was not surprised by the song's success, as she knew from the start the song would be a hit because she broke down in tears the first time she tried to sing it. However, it spent a then-record 36 weeks on the Adult Contemporary chart, a record for chart longevity that stood until 1993. If you see an ineligible icon next to a song, delete the song, then add it back to your library. Posted Jan 21, 2017 Jim Oblon's version is in season 4, episode 12 of True Blood, A version of the song, as of yet unidentified, can be found playing in certain parts of the Ubisoft video game, This page was last edited on 9 December 2020, at 20:07. Well, when you go Don't ever think I'll make you try to stay And maybe when you get back I'll be off to find another way. If you can remember a line or two from the song, probably just performing a simple Google search will bring up all the info you need without having to go to a lyrics search site. But while the two services are related, they do some things differently. It starts with a guy who likes a girl and tries to find ways to go out qoth her, eventually they go to an Opera because she likes it but he is indiferent to it so he falls asleep. What You Need Lyrics: Baby, now hold me close / Baby, now hold me close / Baby, now hold me close / Baby, now hold me close / Baby, now hold me close / … Recorded with his Bluegrass Boys and featuring fiddles and yodelling, they represent the "longest train" variant of the song, and omit any reference to a decapitation. PreludesPrelude music is light, ambient music that sets the mood while guests are being seated and waiting for the ceremony to begin. I'll treat you better than I did before I'll hold you down and not let you go This time, I won't break your heart, your heart, yeah. View BTS (방탄소년단) song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. 2incubusdrive 30 November 2020 Reply. In November 2004, an acoustic home demo by Cobain, recorded in 1990, appeared on the Nirvana's rarities box set, With the Lights Out. Like numerous other folk songs, "In the Pines" was passed on from one generation and locale to the next by word of mouth. Although the song reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (and is her only song to top that chart), it never topped the two Billboard charts where Murray has had the most success—Country and Adult Contemporary. French singer Madjo recorded a version on her self titled 2009 album. The song received a silver disc for shipping 200,000 copies in the UK. The song is most associated with Nathan Abshire, the Louisiana Cajun accordion player, for whom "Pine Grove Blues" was his biggest hit. Nirvana's MTV Unplugged version of the song has earned Cobain acclaim from critics and other musicians and artists. You may think that Apple Music is all you need, and in most cases that is true. If you ever need to feel like you can take on anything, this is the song for you. Most of the album is performed by the songwriter/producer duo of P.F. We have 13 albums and 221 song lyrics in our database. Like Lanegan, Cobain usually screamed the song's final verse an octave higher. Where're you from You sexy thing, sexy thing you I believe in miracles Since you came along You sexy thing. The reply to the question, "Where did you get that dress/ And those shoes that are so fine?"

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